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Art has been a process I have loved since I can remember.

I was given my first SLR film camera when I was 15. My parents had opted not to give me the drumkit I had asked for as a birthday gift, and instead I was given my first serious camera. I had already been engaged in photography since the days of the Kodak Instamatic.

In highschool I spent many hours working in a darkroom. The developing process using a black and white enlarger kept me entertained for hours on end. With the onset of the digital era, I quickly became immersed in and worked at ease with this new medium. I would not trade my experience in a darkroom for the world.

I shoot with a Canon body and multiple prime lenses. I take my camera wherever I go in hopes of capturing different angles of truth. More recently, I have focused my work on action photography. This shift has challenged my technique and refined my appreciation for great fast motion shots. My passion simply lies in capturing natural moments as they unfold.